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Requited (Steve Rogers/Reader)
Note: the reader here is an Agent that frequently works with the Avengers. You have the ability to heal injuries, but with a price: whatever wound or injury you healed appears on your body at the exact same spot, with the exact same severity, leaving you suffering from an injury meant for someone else.

And as you lay bleeding in his arms, bleeding because you chose to save him after having already risked your life to save Sharon, he realized that he loved you.
He loved your soulful eyes and your beautifully curved lips. He fell for your quick wit, your sense of humor, and your adorable quirkiness. He didn't know when the feeling exactly started, now that he realized it—whether it was the time when Fury introduced you as an additional member of the team, or the countless days and nights you spent with him as he tried to adjust to this century and the technologies that came wi
:iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 43 11
The Former Prince (Loki x Reader)
Just a little warning: some spoilers for Thor: The Dark World up ahead. So, read at your own risk?

"I see your mother has brought you books again."
Loki allowed one true smile to grace his face before turning to face you with a sneer. 
"She's not my mother. And what else can I do in this forsaken place but just read?" The former prince looked down on you with a haughty look on his face. "And what does a distinguished lady such as yourself doing here, of all places?"
"Is not a woman allowed to visit her man?"
His lips curled up in a cruel sneer. "And you still believe in that foolishness?"
You looked up to his face, unaffected. You gazed deep and noticed that barely perceptible flicker in eyes.
Is it safe?


With a wave of his hand, your form flickered. You saw yourself still standing at a distance to your Loki's cage, talking to him politely. Right now that is what everyone is
:iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 173 140
Gajeel and Levy: modern clothes by ravenoftherealm Gajeel and Levy: modern clothes :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 16 5
Vignettes: First Encounters (HiddlestonxReader)
It was one of those crazy days in which you find yourself chasing a multitude of deadlines.
Which is why you have opted to continue your work in the cafe near your apartment. You're about to go crazy in your apartment alone while all those due papers you were attempting to finish. You hoped the change in environment would help with your mood.
That was how Thomas William Hiddleston 'met' you that first time.
Tom was beat. The rehearsals were vigorous, and he barely had sleep this past week. So instead of asking for his usual cup of Earl Grey, he found himself walking to a nearby cafe. He needed a strong brew of coffee for the next bout of rehearsals this evening.
The coffee shop was a bit crowded when he entered. Tom kept his cap low to avoid unnecessary commotion as he ordered at the counter.
Now for a place to sit...

Practically all of the seats are occupied...well, except for that one spot at the corner of the cafe, where a (h/c) girl sat alone, furiously typing on he
:iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 80 8
I do what I want! by ravenoftherealm I do what I want! :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 27 3 Piggyback fun by ravenoftherealm Piggyback fun :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 16 0
Vignettes: Lazy days (Tom Hiddleston x Reader)
Today is one of those rare days where you find yourself spending time with Tom Hiddleston. You did not have papers to finish and exams to study for, and he does not have a shoot, a travel or another live guesting. Sometimes you would both celebrate these rare moments with a dinner at a (sometimes fancy, depending on Tom's mood) restaurant or a movie (usually of your choice, Tom has yet to develop the ability to say no when you bat your eyelashes at him and give him your best puppy-dog eyes).
Not today though.
You have both opted to spend the day in. You were currently curled up in a couch, your head resting on Tom's legs while he absent-mindedly ran his hands through your hair. His fingers would sometimes graze on your cheeks before curling an errant lock of hair behind your ear. He knows you love it when he does that.
Tom's voice broke you out of your train of thoughts. You looked up, seeing that familiar far-away look on his face. You knew he was reminiscing something. You sm
:iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 153 15
Chibi Sherlock by ravenoftherealm Chibi Sherlock :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 22 4
Melancholy (Loki x Reader)
To them, he was a disgrace.
He was a fallen prince, a son borne from the blood of their enemies.
He was a traitor.
You refused to believe it, of course. Because how can a man with such a dark heart hold you gently at night? How can a god so evil exhaust all his powers, time and time again just to come and visit you - a lowly Midgardian?
My brother speaks true, Thor had said. But that was before he has met you. You are his final redemption, dear (y/n). His saving grace.

His saving grace.
"That brute brother of mine is right, love."
You snapped out of your thoughts. And it was then that you realized that Loki is not reading anymore. Rather, he was burying his face in your hair, breathing in your scent.
"And someday you will realize that stark darkness of this truth. And when that time comes," He tightened his hold around your waist. "You might choose to leave me."
You quickly spun around, framing his perfect face with your hands and crashing your lips
:iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 227 15
Mature content
Complete (Weasley Twins x Reader) :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 276 23
Linked by ravenoftherealm Linked :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 35 10 Levy. In Gajeel's Shirt. by ravenoftherealm Levy. In Gajeel's Shirt. :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 80 36 The Princess and her Overprotective Dragon by ravenoftherealm The Princess and her Overprotective Dragon :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 85 27 Fiery Wings by ravenoftherealm Fiery Wings :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 3 3 Overestimation by ravenoftherealm Overestimation :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 75 40 Chibi Laxus by ravenoftherealm Chibi Laxus :iconravenoftherealm:ravenoftherealm 17 3


lil avengers by Hallpen lil avengers :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,308 53 It's a WAR!!! by Hallpen It's a WAR!!! :iconhallpen:Hallpen 1,441 53 Marvel's Endless quipping by Hallpen Marvel's Endless quipping :iconhallpen:Hallpen 642 18 hey spidey by Hallpen hey spidey :iconhallpen:Hallpen 958 35 Wormstache by PlaysWithScissors05 Wormstache :iconplayswithscissors05:PlaysWithScissors05 401 83
Castiel X-Reader - Wakey Wakey
It took him a while, but Castiel got the hang of falling asleep. He used to lie awake in bed for hours at night on his back, just staring up at the ceiling. You would stay up with him for as long as you could, just making small talk and trying to wear out his mind. Eventually, he’d drift off. Now the only problem is he has a hard time waking up.
One method you’ve found that seems to work is kissing him. Not anything desperate or passionate, just a few quick presses of your lips to his. It usually does the trick, although sometimes you think he plays possum in order to get a few more.
As you squint against the bright early morning light streaming in through the windows of the motel room, you stretch an arm across the ex-angel’s chest. He fell asleep on his back as usual, one hand resting on his stomach. It’s quiet for a few moments, and then there’s a sharp knock on the door.
“Rise and shine sleeping beauties!” It’s Dean. “We gotta h
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 189 4
Sam X-Reader - What I'd Do For You
    When you can hear the thoughts of other people in your head, it’s hard to get much sleep at night. Even though the people in question are sound asleep, sometimes their brain spikes and thinks something random.
    Sam, unfortunately, touched a cursed object earlier in the day. At the time he hadn’t thought it was doing anything. As it had turned out, he developed the ability to read minds. He’s currently not telling Dean or (y/n) about the issue, hoping that the effects will wear off by morning which, at this moment, seems very far off. Every time he gets close to drifting off, he’ll get a thought message from one of them that snaps him right back into consciousness.
    Eventually he manages to fall into a light sleep. Only a few hours later it’s morning.
    As soon as the alarm goes off, Dean’s mind is running through a morning routine of thoughts that prevents Sam from trying to doze
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 106 10
Castiel X Reader
    You are the only human in existence to whom Castiel shows his wings. He could show other people, but he’s ashamed of the way they look, and therefore keeps them out of human sight. Not even the Winchester boys have laid eyes on them.
    “They aren’t like the wings of the other angels.” He had protested when you had first asked him to let you see them.
    "But you aren’t other angels, now are you?” You had looked him straight in his vibrant blue eyes while running your hands along the tops of his shoulders.
    “You wouldn’t like the way they look. They’re not beautiful anymore.”
    “I’d like to judge that for myself. Please?” Your smile had been small and coaxing. When he looked down with a soft sigh, you had leaned forward and up to plant a gentle kiss on his forehead.
    “Cass, c’mon. It’s me.
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 326 18
Crunches - Sam x Reader
This had become a running thing recently. Sam woke up, had breakfast and then proceeded to undertake the workout routine he had set up for himself. It was normal. I was used to it. I mean, I wasn't expecting him to be born with a body like that.
It was rather enjoyable, I will admit. I would usually wake up at the same hour as him and while he is exercising I am able to explain to him recent findings for a case - as well as helping him a little when needs be.
"Sit ups?" I ask, looking up from the paper in my hands. I sit on the bed while Sam stretches shirtless.
"Sit ups." He sits down on the floor, his knees propped into the air as he lies on his back.
I shuffle down onto the floor, dragging some of the written notes with me. I sit by his feet and hold them down. The paper sprawls out beside me, allowing me to observe the words that I have written down.
"Right," I turn away from him and scan the scribbles. "So according to the girl at the bar she said that-"
I abruptly cease my speech
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 458 41
All I Need's a Whisper|Steve Rogers x Reader|6
" details from the bombing at the Golden Nightingale Tuesday night continue to emerge as police uncover more evidence from the scene. All available officers are on task and all resources are being utilized to uncover the motive behind this heinous act and to bring peace to the families of those affected by this tragedy. Domestic terrorism is being investigated as the source of this-"
Steve clicked off the news broadcast and dragged a hand down his face, letting out a low sigh before standing to stretch his cramped legs. Hospital chairs were not made for men like him, he thought, wiggling his toes to try to get some feeling back into them. He rolled his shoulders and twisted his neck, smiling when he heard a satisfying pop! before returning to his seat at [Name]'s bedside. Despite the protests from staff, he'd refused to leave her and he had plenty enough reasons not to, at least in his mind.
"[Name]!" Steve forced himself to his feet, ignoring the ringing in his ears an
:iconivyandtwine:ivyandtwine 110 57
NORAGAMI by INstockee NORAGAMI :iconinstockee:INstockee 4,012 0 noragami(part03) by INstockee noragami(part03) :iconinstockee:INstockee 2,348 0 Air by brownie-pie Air :iconbrownie-pie:brownie-pie 11 3 Happy by Meruiiart Happy :iconmeruiiart:Meruiiart 76 13 afternoon.(shinaya) by INstockee afternoon.(shinaya) :iconinstockee:INstockee 3,529 0 Smoochies - Gajeel x Levy by PastrieCake Smoochies - Gajeel x Levy :iconpastriecake:PastrieCake 1,069 47




I'm not sure anyone would bother reading this, but I'm sure some explanations are in order.

I abruptly 'left' DA two years ago. I haven't logged in for more than ten minutes during the same time period, and I think it's time for you to know the reason why.

Two years ago, I was an incoming second year medical student and due to some personal convictions and other pertinent issues, I decided to proceed through my medical course in another school, in another city, an hour's plane ride away from where I was leaving previously. So all of the sudden, I went from making plans for a summer vacation, to making ending letters, going back and forth to arrange necessary school documents and pack for my transfer. 

Also, two years ago, while I was fixing all those crazy documents, a fire broke out of our area, and our house was among those who have been affected by the fire. Part of my room was burned down, and in the chaos that followed, I lost the majority of my precious books and a box that contained some personal knick-knacks that have a great deal of personal value to me. It may not seem much, but those are the things that I consider precious to me. I was really thankful that one in my family was hurt and that the majority of the house was intact and livable, but the fire and losing all those little things added to the to the stress of my impending transfer.

Long story short, it took time for me to settle on the new city, and life in med school got pretty busy. I miss DA, but I just do not have the time to go here as often as I used to. (plus, the internet is crappy. ugh) Recently though, I got crazy over Marvel fandom (again), and I was able to make a short fic in record time after a plot just won't me alone while studying for an exam. I honestly do not know how it turned out. I haven't written anything in the time of my absence except research papers and case reports. I think I lost my touch.

Now that I have more time (than usual), I hope I'd be able to spend more time here before my schedule becomes extremely hectic again next year.~
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